Floor Sanding

Our specialist floor sanders who have generations of experience always use machines whether disc or drum with an inbuilt dust extraction, that proves them to be 95% dust efficient. Sanding & Refinishing is the process of using abrasive material to remove the damaged and worn surface of a wooden floor.


The complex sanding process is broken into three stages:



Nails, staples or tacks that protrude above the wooden boards are punched down or removed. Adhesives that may damage the machine are also removed.



  • To begin with large sanders and edgers use 40/60 grit papers (depending on the damage to the floor) to flatten the floor, remove the old coating and take out any cupped planks.
  • For the second cut a belt sander with 80/100 grit papers (depending on requirement) is used in line with the grain of the timber.
  • The next cut is created by 100/120 papers. 
  • Then for the final finish cut we use a mesh screen of 150 on a buffing machine to create a highly finished surface ready to receive the final finishing sealant coats which consist of any of the following:
    • Oil
    • Stain
    • Wax
    • + More


Polyurethane, oils and other sealants coat the sanded floor.

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