Carpet Installation

The installation of carpets is a complex service carried out by our team of expert professionals.


Types and Methods of Carpet Installation


Traditional Installation:

A traditional installation or stretch fit is carried out using a gripper rod around the perimeter of a room or area, this is then cut into the edge of the gripper rod. The underlay used depends on what type of carpet is being installed, it can be any of Felt, Felt and Crumb, Crumb, Rubber or Foam Chip. All of which come in a variety of weights and density. 


The underlay component of an installation is often overlooked as it's an unseen part of the install. However, this is a crucial part of the carpet installation as it can affect the feel and more importantly the wear and life of your carpet. After the underlay is fitted the carpet is stretch fitted on to the gripper rod over the underlay.


Durafit System:

The Durafit or double stick system is a method usually used in contract locations (Offices and Shops etc.) and in conjunction with natural flooring, the underlay, usually flat crumbs or flat foam chip (with backing specially produced to relieve adhesive) is stuck to the sub floor using a high peel up adhesive.


The floor lowering is then stuck to the underlay using a standard appropriate, to the floor lowering adhesive. As both layers are stock there is no movement in the underlay or floor lowering.  Thus making it ideal for large areas, as there will be no stretching in the material over time.


Stick Down Method:

The Stick down method is usually employed in high wear, high traffic areas. The sub floor usually has to be prepared with Latex screed of ply (6m, 9m, 12m, 18m) depending on what is required. The floor lowering is then stuck directly to the sub floor using the appropriate adhesive. 

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